June 10, 2008


“But let not care and humdrum deaden us to the wonders and the mysteries amid which we live, nor to the splendors and the glories. We need not translate ourselves in imagination to some other sphere or state of being to find the marvelous, the divine, the transcendent; we need not postpone our day of wonder and appreciation to some future time and condition.”

- John Burroughs

Erstwhile readers of my blog are probably wondering where I have been by now since it has been a few weeks since I have posted anything here. The answer is that I have been in the woods which are full of all sorts of wonders at this time of the year. I have been hanging out in the forest that you see in today’s photographs, some days sitting still in one place for many hours, and other days hiking to my favourite places. I have come across many interesting things and have been taking numerous photographs. Understand that it is hard to find myself sitting in front of my computer with all of the nature activity that is going on at the moment. It has also been time for the annual gardening rituals and I have been hard at work getting my modest little garden in. I find that while each year brings the familiar, each year is also different and there are always new wonders to appreciate and ponder over. I am excited about so many things at the moment that it is hard to know where to begin. The new eaglets, a rare turtle, a Blackburnian warbler, the nesting geese, the blooming shadbush … The list goes on and on. So bear with me, gentle reader, and I will try and share all of these wonders with you in the coming days.