March 15, 2008


Like many Canadians, I have returned from my winter break. The month of February marks for me the lowest point of the year. This is the time that I want to cocoon the most, curling up by the fire with a good book. It is the season of the winter blahs. The first two weeks of February are generally the coldest we have. My almanac suggests that winter’s back is broken by mid-month, but here in Canada it is generally another six weeks before one is sure that we are on the downside of winter.

There are signs of the coming season to be sure. The other day came the first time this year that you could smell spring in the air. Many people that I spoke with that day noticed it. On a walk in the woods last week I saw the very first pussy willows of the year happily sunning themselves in the now strengthening winter sun. And there are catkins hanging from the birches just waiting for the spring warmth that will bring forth their pollen in the air. Soon, like me, spring will return.

Things are looking up …

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