April 18, 2008

Website of the Week

Since it is Friday it is time for our occasional weekly feature, Website of the Week, wherein I share with you a link to a website that I have found useful, informative or interesting. I am interested in and curious about many different things, so you can never tell what might turn up here.

Three things that I happen to love are food, photography and France, not necessarily in that order. This week’s Website of the Week has all three of my favourite things. It is Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook and it is a fantastic smorgasbord of fine French cuisine, first rate photography and wonderful stories about life in Lyon and the surrounding environs. I hope that you enjoy it.

As a bonus this week, I have posted a photograph of Thistle the rabbit just so you may take in the major cuteness factor. I am hoping that the weather isn’t as nice next week so there will be less daydreaming in the woods and more blogging happening. In the mean time, gentle readers, I thank you for your patience.

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L Vanel said...

Wow, thanks for that lovely writeup, Mr. Green!