April 25, 2008

Website of the Week

Since it is Friday it is time for our occasional weekly feature, Website of the Week, wherein I share with you a link to a website that I have found useful, informative or interesting. I am interested in and curious about many different things, so you can never tell what might turn up here.

I love Internet webcams. I have a program that lets me easily display a user-defined list of webcam sites from around the world. I have close to 1000 webcams programmed into the list which lets me take an around the word tour from the comfort of my desktop in just minutes.

This week’s Website of the Week is one such webcam. WildCam Africa is sponsored by the National Geographic Society. The webcam focuses on a major watering hole on the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. Depending on the time of day you can see all sorts of African wildlife. In the last ten minutes I watched a crocodile, some exotic birds and some warthogs wallowing in the mud. Pretty neat!

Today’s photograph shows a local watering hole of sorts. It is a picture of the beaver pond that I visit showing the beaver dam covered by the spring run off. It is flood season in our province and the Saint John River is out of it banks in a number of places.

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