January 9, 2008


In the past few days the weather here has been absolutely frigid at times with temperatures approaching -30°C and windchill values near -40°C. The bright side of this is that the ice on the beaver pond will freeze solid giving us the opportunity to see the beaver's world from perspectives that are not possible at other times of the year. In the meantime, this frosty weather is a good excuse to curl up by the fire with a good book to read. And the book I would like to recommend to you today is titled "The Geography of Hope" by Chris Turner.

Frankly, the discussion about global warming is, for the most part, depressing. Listen to David Suzuki for an hour and you will be depressed as he details a litany of environmental destruction. By now, when I begin to discuss global warming with my friends you can see there eyes glaze over. Mostly because, so far, there isn't much good news to report about climate change. Chris Turner's book is different. Based in Calgary, Alberta, for a year Chris travelled around the world seeking out communities that are engaged in positive environmental projects. This unique travelogue details a number of amazing projects that are going a long way to demonstrate just what can be done if we where to set our minds to it.

Imagine whole communities that are completely self-sufficient. Houses that produce more energy than they consume. Automobiles that produce zero emissions. Chris found all of these things and more. Here are many examples of positive action and applied technologies that are currently available making a real difference for the environment. This is a good news story and offers real hope to those of us who despair of climate change. You can find Chris Turner’s website here:


And you can purchase his book here:


Keep warm and happy reading!


Ms Mac said...

I always wondered how Canadians could function in such hostile winters but you do. When I asked an actual Canadian about this she said to me, "I always wondered how Australians function in extreme heat." so I suppose it all balances out.

Anyway, that aside, the issue of global warming is one which interests, concerns and depresses me a lot. I get angry at those who are complacent about it and those, who don't believe in it. I always think it's a careless attitude to have. I might have to seek this book out, to encourage a bit of positive thinking in myself about the issue.

Antipodeesse said...

Hey! How come Ms. Mac found you before I did?

And how come nobody TOLD me?!!!

And, for the record, I have NEVER heard my darling Ms. Mac give such a profound, thoughtful and spiritual comment. I think this must be a compliment!

Antipodeesse said...
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