January 2, 2008

Winter Birds

There is a blizzard here today in the woods. It has been snowing since last night and it is now waist deep in the backyard. It will be a while before we are tramping about the woods again. Still, there are many ways that we can observe and enjoy nature at this time of year. One of the things I like to do is feed the winter birds that come to my backyard. It does not cost very much and it provides me a world of entertainment. Currently, I am getting visits from black-capped chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches, purple finches, bluejays, redpolls and a pair of downy woodpeckers that live in my neighbourhood. Bird populations are dwindling dramatically and anything we can do to help them out would be beneficial. It is important that, if you have started feeding the birds, that you keep it up for they come to depend upon that source of food. If you are not feeding the birds, consider putting up a feeder. The pleasure that you will receive will more than pay you back for the effort. For more information, or to simply be inspired visit Sharon Stiteler's website found here:


Sharon is a birdwatcher extraordinaire and you can share in her birdwatching adventures, enjoy her beautiful bird photography and find helpful links to encourage you to get to know our fine feathered friends. The more you get involved with nature, the more you will appreciate it and understand the need to preserve it. Happy birding!

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