May 9, 2008


The science of anything may be taught or acquired by study; the art of it comes by practice or inspiration. The art of seeing things is not something that may be conveyed in rules and precepts; it is a matter vital in the eye and ear, yea, in the mind and soul, of which these are the organs.

- John Burroughs

A few posts back I wrote about the spring blush. Well, it has happened here over the last few days. Now the fresh, lime green of springtime colour is beginning to appear everywhere. Today’s photograph is as close as I can come to that in between moment from blush to green. For years I was oblivious to the spring blush. Each year I would look for the first signs of green, not even seeing the delicate hues of red. It takes practice and inspiration to become a good naturalist, or a good photographer for that matter. I become better at both the more I work at it. The more I study nature the more I am inspired. Ultimately, I would suppose, my goal is to become one with the natural world around me. To be more sensitive to the subtle changes in the forest from season to season. To see things more clearly.

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