May 9, 2008

Website of the Week

Since it is Friday it is time for our occasional weekly feature, Website of the Week, wherein I share with you a link to a website that I have found useful, informative or interesting. I am interested in and curious about many different things, so you can never tell what might turn up here.

I have mentioned before how I like to use the Internet to travel vicariously across the globe. This week’s website is not just one website, but rather a series of different ones with the same theme. These are the Daily Photo blogs from various cities around the world. A very well known one is Paris Daily Photo. This is a great way to discover images from places other than your own, allowing you to be an armchair traveller. There are almost 200 of these photo blogs available on the internet from many diverse places. You can find a list of them from this post on Avignon In Photos. Bon Voyage!

Here also are a couple of photographs that might appear on my own Daily Photo blog, if I had one.


April said...

Hi Forest, I like the daily photo blogs, too - I've never been to the Paris one though. That's a great photo of one huge nest - now, is that a hawk or an eagle? Beautiful wing spread. You never know where you're going to find birds nesting! :)

my blog said...

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